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The Fanvil C66 is built with the Broadcom Gigabit IP Phone chip. With its intuitive user interface and enhanced functionality, the Fanvil C66 is perfect for small or medium businesses as it makes it easy to connect and communicate to maximize productivity. The Fanvil C66 supports up to 6 SIP lines and delivers crystal clear HD Voice.
4 Lines Gigabit IP Phone
Gige version
HD voice
3 way-conference
Stylish, practical and economical, the C62 IP Phone is an advanced IP phone. It is equipped with the latest Broadcom’s high-definition voice chipset, with high-quality handset and the speaker that provides clear and consistent voice quality in rich detail. It supports four SIP accounts, 1 IAX and PoE. It also has eight DSS keys.
4-Line Executive IP Phone
HD Voice
8 Dss keys with LED
128*64 Graphic LCD Display
3 way-conference
Need an affordable and convenient IP Telephone? With HD voice and its effective design, the Fanvil C58 is a mid-range phone that can be used as an integrated phone or a standalone. A business class SIP phone with an integrated dual Ethernet switch, G.722 codec support. It supports SRTP, Support BLF, 4 DSS keys.POE is optional.
2-Line Entry level IP Phone
HD Voice
128×48 Graphic LCD Display
3 way-conference
The F52 is 1-Line Entry level IP Phone, with 128x40 graphical LCD, 4 context-sensitive soft keys, dual network ports with integrated PoE and 3-way conference. It is a perfect choice for small-to-medium businesses looking for a high quality, feature rich IP phone with affordable cost.
1-Line Entry level IP Phone
Supports SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) and correlative RFCs
Display Resolution: 128x48 pixels
HD voice
The C01 features the Broadcom professional IP chipset, support 3 SIP Lines. It supports SIP 2.0 and multiple road call waiting in line. It also supports voice gain setting, VAD, CNG and 4 DSS Keys. It also has a Multilanguage ability. POE is optional.
3-Line Call Center IP Phone
ACD Function
Action URL/Active URI
Two interfaces
4 Dss keys
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