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Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional developer and manufacturer of VoIP products. Fanvil provides VoIP communication devices solutions for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments.

Over the 11 years since its establishment, Fanvil Technology has built a strong engineering team and solid partnerships with IP communication chipset providers, such as Freescale, DSPG. Fanvil Technology is also an exclusive partner of Broadcom.

IP Voice Telephony
The Fanvil C Series IP Phones are a Business Grade IP handset with a huge range of features and flexibility. The C Series was designed and built for Enterprise Businesses with its modern design and ergonomic feel.
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IP Video Telephony
The Fanvil D Series is the next generation of smart video phones. Running on the Android OS platform and built with the latest Freescale video chipset, the D Series IP phone truly offers an intelligent OS, superior video quality and rich applications at an affordable price.
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Gateways and ATAs
The Fanvil A series are VoIP analog telephone adaptors (ATA) used for connecting analog devices such as phones and fax machines to an IP phone system.
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video conferencing has become an increasingly popular service amongst enterprises, organizations and individuals, becoming the natural choice for interpersonal and organizational communications.
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IP Intercom
If you are looking for Voice access or IP intercom terminal, Fanvil IP intercom system will be your best choice.
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The Fanvil HT101 is a lightweight and comfortable single sided headset designed for the intensive call center and office environments.
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